Friday, 18 November 2011

Industrial Microbiological Processes

Microorganisms have been exploited for useful purposes from a long time back before anything else was known about their existence or their characteristics. Looking back to history we will find that there are  many applications of microbial processes that have resulted in the production of the desirable materials; especially food products and beverages.Because of the industrial point of view we can call microorganisms as chemical factories; as they have the capacity to convert a raw material into the products and if those products are important for human beings; then it is obviously attractive to exploit the microbiological processes i.e the end products on a commercial scale.
The revolutionary step in setting up industrial microbiology is the Recombinant DNA technology. It is very likely that engineering of microorganisms is  a desired step  to produce new products on a commercial scale.

I will be following up this topic in my next post.

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