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Referencing BOOKS (print/online)HARVARD STYLE

This article is for those students who struggle for referencing; i have assembled various types of referencing in different posts under different headings. This is Harvard style of referencing. I'm sure you want to learn it because you don't want to be the victim of plagiarism.

List of references
At the end of your essay, place a list of the references you have cited in the text. Arrange this in alphabetical order of authors' surnames, and chronologically (earliest publication date first) for each author, where more than one work by that author is cited. The author's surname is placed first, followed by initials or first name, and then the year of publication is given.
Books (print and online)  

One author
Cole, GHA 1991, Thermal power cycles, Edward Arnold, London.

Series titles and edition statements (for editions other than the first) should be included.
Goldsworthy, J 2010, Parliamentary sovereignty: contemporary debates, Cambridge studies in constitutional law, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
Abbott, HP 2008, The Cambridge introduction to narrative, 2nd edn, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
Two or more authors
List all authors in the list of references. See the second part of this guide for how to cite in-text.
Douglas, M & Watson, C 1984, Networking, Macmillan, London.
Flexer, RW, Baer, RM, Luft, P & Simmons, TJ 2008, Transition planning for secondary students with disabilities, 3rd edn, Pearson, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.
Two or more books in one year by the same author
List in alphabetical order by title.
King, P 1984a, Power in Australia, UQP, St. Lucia.
------- 1984b, Solar power, Macmillan, Melbourne.
Edited books

If the role of an editor (or compiler, reviser or translator) is of primary importance, list the work under those names. Use abbreviations such as ed., eds, trans., rev., comp. and comps.
Long, PE (ed.) 1991, A collection of current views on nuclear safety, Penguin, Harmondsworth.
Ahdar, R & Aroney, N (eds) 2010, Shari'a in the West, Oxford University Press, Oxford.
Chapters in edited books
Callaghan, J 2010, 'Singing teaching as a profession', in S Harrison (ed.), Perspectives on teaching singing: Australian vocal pedagogues sing their stories, Australian Academic Press, Bowen Hills, Queensland.
Shachar, A 2010, 'State, religion, and the family: the new dilemmas of multicultural accommodation', in R Ahdar & N Aroney (eds), Shari'a in the West, Oxford Unversity Press, Oxford.
The edition (if other than the first edition) is included after the main title.
Morton, JS 1984, Wind power: an overview, 2nd edn, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne.
Part of a series
The series title is included after the main title.
Muller, R & Turner, JR 2010, Project-oriented leadership, Advances in project management, Gower, Farnham, England.

Editions go after the series title.
Corrigan, T 2010, A short guide to writing about film, The short guide series from Pearson Longman, 7th edn, Longman, New York.
Anonymous (no author or editor given)
Start with the title.

The eliciting of frank answers 1955, Engineering Publications, Florida.
Conference paper
Trump, A 1986, 'Power play', Proceedings of the third annual conference, International Society of Power Engineers, Houston, Texas, pp. 40-51.
Page numbers
Occasionally, it may be necessary to cite page numbers for books. If so, present the numbers as the final item of the citation as in the example above (e.g. p. 10, pp. 19-25, pp. 21-6, pp. 21, 31-5).
Acknowledging editors, compilers, revisers or translators
If the author's role remains of primary importance, editors, compilers, revisers or translators can also be acknowledged. Use abbreviations such as ed., eds, trans., rev., comp. and comps.
Tolstoy, L 1930, What is art? and essays on art, trans. A Maude, Oxford University Press, London.
Mayakovsky, V 1942, Mayakovsky and his poetry, comp. H Marshall, Pilot Press, London.
Corporate authors
The jurisdiction is not usually given for government agencies but is indicated by the place of publication.
Department of Energy 1980, Projections of energy needs, HMSO, London. 
Office of the Aboriginal Land Commissioner 2001, Urapunga land claim no. 159, Parliamentary paper, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission, Canberra.
Xerox Corporation 1988, Xerox publishing standards: a manual of style and design, Watson-Guptil, New York.

Parent bodies precede subdivisions.
World Association of Veterinary Anatomists. International Committee on Avian Anatomical Nomenclature 1979, Nomina anatomica avium: an annotated anatomical dictionary of birds, Academic Press, London.
Online books
Author Year (of creation or last revision), Title, edition/version (if applicable), name and place of the sponsor of the source (publisher, place), viewed Day Month Year,<URL either full location details or just the main site details>.
McClain, M & Roth JD 1999, Schaum's quick guide to writing great essays, McGraw-Hill, New York, viewed 17 January 2005,
Fitzgerald, FS 1920, This side of paradise, Scribner, New York, viewed 18 January 2005, <>.
Chapters in an online books
Author Year (of creation or last revision), 'Chapter title', in book editor(s) (ed.), Book title, name and place of the sponsor of the source (publisher, place), viewed Day Month Year, <URL either full location details or just the main site details>.
Gould, SJ 2000, 'More things in Heaven and Earth', in H Rose & S Rose (eds), Alas, poor Darwin: arguments against evolutionary psychology, Harmony Books, NewYork, viewed 17 January 2005, <>.

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