Sunday, 4 December 2011

Referencing a Web Page

Referencing a web page
When referencing something you have found on the web you need to distinguish what you are referring to  as the internet is made up of a vast range of material from journal articles to personal and organisational  websites. Below is a list of information you can include:
Author/Editor or Organisation, Year the site was published or last updated, Title of work - main title  and subtitle (screen heading/sub-heading), Online address or location within database - full address  (URL or DOI), Date you looked at the information, the access date.
You can also include other identifying features such as a page or screen reference, paragraph or line  number or perhaps a labelled section or part of a table or graph.
Type of medium  - for example online database, online bulletin board.
Publisher and place of publication  - for example documents on portable databases, which organisation has  prepared the materials and where they are located.
Name of database.
Organisational website:  following is the example for referencing a  website:

National Trust (2011) Planning for the people. Available at: (Accessed: 20 September 2011).

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